Track Inventory Efficiently

Whether you are tracking assets for use in your business or selling inventory online ListApp can streamline the entire process. We have designed ListApp to be a platform that supports cradle to cradle asset management and sales. Customize your workflows to meet your specific needs!

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Multichannel e-commerce

ListApp works with several online sales platforms including eBay, Auctacity, and Mikes Cart. Soon Amazon will be added too! Not only can you sell across these sites you can sell with multiple user ids all managed in ListApps amazing back end. Sell your items on the sites that make the most money and manage inventory, sales, and shipping all in one place!

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Make More Money!

With ListApp you will enjoy the most versatile multichannel e-commerce sales platform available today. Not only will you sell your items for more money you will increase efficiencies that will result in lower costs. The bottom line is ListApp will help you to maximize revenue!

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